Chris Van Heerden gives McGregor respect & props for performance over Mayweather

Chris Van Heerden gives McGregor respect & props for performance over Mayweather

In this video, Chris Van Heerden gives Conor McGregor props for his performance over Floyd Mayweather

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  1. How all these professional boxers are saying Connor was very good yet all the stupid ass boxing fans are saying he was rubbish. Do the fans know better than the professional boxer. Can someone help me with that

  2. Both guy but especially the second guy came with the best analysis of this fight to date. Like the man said, Floyd chose to fight this kind of fight and all his haters are laughing at him because cm got his hits in and lasted so long, but if Floyd decided to dodge every punch and pot shot cm all night he would be accused of running and dancing

  3. When both fighters are fresh and full of energy, Conor is clearly the better fighter but as soon as he gassed Floyd took over. Respect to Conor for winning the first 3-4 rounds.

  4. MMA vs Boxing was great.
    I'd like to see UFC fighters vs other MMA companies. That be great to watch. Brand vs Brand.

    Floyd has that 50 – 0 for a reason, 21 years of boxing experience and IQ in the ring. The man is retired, let him have his rest. He has conquered the best. Congratz Floyd!

    Mcgregor hats off to you having the balls to walking into another mans sport and challenging the 49 – 0 Floyd Mayweather.

  5. Conor would demolish Floyd in a rematch. He schooled the best ever until he gassed out looool. How embarrassing for boxing.

  6. Connor is a better fighter than floyd. He just never won because his cardio let him down. If his cardio was the same in round 3 as it was in round 10 he would of kept landing on floyd. Floyds cardio was better so connor got tired and started not defending as good. If his defence was the same in round 1 floyd wouldnt of hit him as he hardly did in round 1

  7. WELL SAID!!!! you cant take a guy 0-0 and throw him into a 12 rounder with the best of the best, the same in MMA you take a 0-0 boxer and throw him in with the best, Just like you cant even take the greatest sprinter of all time Michael Johnson and expect him to outlast Ryan Hall in a 26 mile Marathon. The Fight should have been an 6 rounder and then a 10 or 12 rounder if it was good and the fans wanted a rematch!

  8. i think both fighter's had an agreement to go easy in there to just put on a show .they were just fucking around .floyd more so of course.

  9. The top and bottom of it is, Conor (for whatever reason) does no roadwork, prefers to do his cardio on a bike or rowing machine, that simply doesn't cut it in boxing…when you run you work almost every muscle, it's the hardest and most effective way to build cardio and that's why it is so paramount in boxing…if Conor did roadwork instead of the cycling and rowing machine sessions he wouldn't of gassed out when he did…Floyd simply couldn't handle Conor when he wasn't gassed (although I think Floyd pot shotting the body had an effect to a certain extent)…one thing that can't be debated is whether Conor can box at the highest level, if his cardio is on point he can definitely win titles in boxing I have no doubt about it, but will his cardio ever be on point…who advises him about roadwork and to not partake in it? Terrible advice whoever it is

  10. Chris gave a better analyses. The other is talking crap. Conor did very good and yes he got no boxing experience and thats why he got tired. Floyd did get hit and that wasnt the gameplan. About saying Floyd didnt slipped punches ect. thats cuz Conor has an akward offbeat timing that makes you slip at the wrong time and thats why he got hit and jabbed that much. Floyds experience did the job, Conor did great, showed that he got skillz and that if he wanted he could have a good boxing carrier if he got 100 procent into it.

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