Chris Van Heerden & Julian Chua “Canelo vs GGG will be a hell of a fight” advice MMA fans to Watch!

Chris Van Heerden & Julian Chua “Canelo vs GGG will be a hell of a fight” advise MMA fans to Watch!

I this video, Chris Van Heerden & Julian Chua break down Canelo vs Golovkin fight

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  1. I would advice boxing fans to watch Cody Garbrandt vs TJ Dillashaw at UFC 217 in Novmeber. That's the best striking match-up that MMA has to offer. Great pace, footwork, stance switching. Cody is a good boxer great hand speed, and TJ has a really good kicking game.

  2. Fr all MMA fans should watch Canelo vs GGG show these MMA fools how we get down . I won't break down nothing cuhz the same way idk shit about MMA u guys don't know shit about boxing

  3. MMA fans need to watch. Being a fan of both sports isn't a sin. We all know boxing is the sweet science and mma is the closest to true fighting. They're both cool

  4. I've never been deep into boxing but GGG vs Canelo is like GGG says "this is boxing, great champion fight". can't wait everyone should watch it

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