Gary Vaynerchuk: Everything You Do Is Sales [Sales Machine NYC 16] Gary Vaynerchuk, entrepreneur and investor, has built multi-million dollar companies from nothing. Join Gary as he shares his wisdom on how to win in life and business by selling smarter and selling harder. More expert sales advice at
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  1. Thanks for your very tactical and practical keynote. An amazing reminder of how individual work in social media is simply part of the sales game today…!

  2. He was making 30K selling baseball cards when he was 12 – 13, and then at 14 he was working for $2 per hour. Now he's plain full of shit. lmao

  3. The Q&A provided enormous value to those asking the questions. The ability to answer with such content is an unreal asset to have. Thanks Gary.

  4. The dude with the headphones who just bought his "dream house" has no idea of the concept of value giving and taking with his long ass waste of time irrelevant question. Just looking to get some validation from Gary without asking a question that might be of some value to the rest of the room. Sorry about the rant, it annoyed me.

  5. Film yg di perani hardi fadhilah.
    Tolong uplodtin. Kelenger cinta backpacker cantik. Angkot cinta anak jagoan silat. Cinta gadis cleaning service. Bos cantik super katro. Cinta pembantu cantik.cinta bersemi di padang ilalang.. full movie
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    Hardi fadhilah is the best

  6. Prilly sama hardi aja cocok ga jaim, banyakin project mereka berdua ya soalnya cocok banget lucunya dapet bapernya juga

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