How to convert a Van in to an Off-Grid Camper in 17 Days!

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I tried to make the video that I would have loved to be able to watch when I was starting to create my van.. I hope it is useful or inspiring.

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  1. Couldve saved some space and gotten rid of a fire hazard with an electric stovetop but idk man this is awesome

  2. Technically it's not free. Insurance/road tax is pretty much your rent. Also, I have never heard some get so exited about a plastic tube.

  3. Use flexible cables not fixed wiring cables in vehicles please – flexible cables don't work loose with the vibration of the vehicle 😉

  4. Is there anyway you can list where we can order some of the stuff you used like the solar panel, stove/sink top and heater

  5. What about the factory ventilation holes (little black grids) on either side of the back door? The author covered thrm with auto carpeting / insulation, so the natural ventilation in the back cabin of the van will be impeded. That ventilation flow is induced either by the factory fan – in the main driver's cabin – or by driving the vehicle itself. The newly installed extractor fan above the sink (either switched on, or off) is not enough. In result, the vehicle may be humid and hot – both while driving & while stationary. It was probably better to leave small access (ventilation) holes over these vents, eventually to hide them under some loose woodwork, while allowing air to flow thru them.

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