Get a liveĀ one on one negotiation coaching call when you are buying or leasing your new or used car.

One of our seasoned former car dealer operators will walk you through every step of the buying or leasing process, to ensure you get the best, lowest dealer profit final deal.

We know that even with all the power built into our Car Czar Pro car buyer loan and lease calculator, you may still be intimidated by the dealer staff, and need that extra boost to finalize the best deal for YOU.

We require 24 hours notice (we will compile data prior to you stepping into the dealership, and have everything ready when it’s time to start negotiating with the dealer).

The fee is only $79.00 for a 30 minute session, and if you need more time we can add that while in the call.

You Can Pay With a Credit or Debit Card WITHOUT Having a Paypal Account

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