TEDxNJIT – Donald Doane – The Science of Sales

As co-founder and current CEO of ConnectYard, Doane speaks from his experiences of beginning a startup. This talk explores a common challenge for many young companies, which is learning how to create a repeatable and scalable sales process that will take their company from concept through profitability.

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  1. His science and method is correct and well thought through. He just needs to have a enthusiastic, energetic, capturing salesperson deliver this.

  2. unfortunately, you don't eat food cooked by a skinny chef. This guy may be smart and knowledgeable about sales, but he's unaware of how he's coming across to his audience and is therefore not a good salesperson.

  3. pretty sure the content was good but i have short attention span.So I can't listen to boring person. Gonna listen to another presenter

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